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BALI HAI - whiskey glass

BALI HAI - whiskey glass

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Raise your glass to the timeless allure of tiki with our custom Bali Hai branded spirit glasses. Crafted to the hospitality standard whiskey glass size, these 6oz (0.17l) glasses embody the perfect blend of style and function, making them an essential addition to any tiki collection.

Material: 100% high-quality glass
Size: 6oz (0.17l)
Design: Featuring a glossy print that exudes tropical elegance
Origin: Proudly made in the USA

Each sip from these glasses transports you to the exotic realms of Bali Hai, where the mystique of the islands meets the sophistication of fine spirits. Ideal for both casual sipping and festive gatherings, these glasses bring a touch of tiki magic to every occasion. Embrace the spirit of the islands and savor your favorite drinks in style with these exquisite Bali Hai branded spirit glasses.


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